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5 Great Ways Companies, Brands, and Artists Have Used Live Video

Live video is the new medium of choice when it comes to giving people some semblance of normalcy in these chaotic and confusing times.

With nearly the whole world under quarantine, we have more time on our hands than ever with very little to do. Concerts, conventions, filming of tv/movies, and various other live events have been put on an indefinite hold. But that hasn’t stopped the creativity of many artists and content creators.

Live video is the new medium of choice when it comes to giving people some semblance of normalcy in these chaotic and confusing times. I’ve been occupying my time by tuning into a lot of these live videos. Here are 5 of my favorites; hopefully they can give you some ideas about how you can start utilizing these techniques for your brand or business!


1. Live Concerts


I love music and not being able to attend concerts bums me out. But almost immediately after the world went on lockdown, artists started producing intimate concerts in their living rooms and home studios. Artists like Hozier and P!nk were the first ones to jump on this train and it started a domino effect of live concerts on platforms like Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and YouTube. Legendary hip hop producers Timbaland and Swizz Beatz started a series of Live battles between performance artists, such as RZA vs DJ Premier that made a new piece of music history with millions of viewers tuning in to witness.

The most memorable was the Global Citizen: Together at Home concert organized by Lady Gaga. She brought together over 100 different artists and raised $127 million for coronavirus efforts with 20.7 million viewers in the US alone.


2. HomeCon


As a lover of several different sci-fi shows, I was sad to hear that convention season has officially been canceled. But Lost Girl alums, Rachel Skarsten and Paul Amos didn’t let that stop them. They came together and launched their own convention on Twitch. HomeCon brought together fans of some of the most popular sci-fi shows and video games like Wynonna Earp, Orphan Black, Vikings, The 100, Assassin’s Creed, Dragon Ball-Z, and Lost In Space.

The first weekend aired on April 10th and 11th. It was such a hit that they brought it back this past weekend. (May 16th-17th). Pro Tip: You can subscribe for FREE if you have an Amazon Prime account and get access to both weekends. Go and get your nerd on!


Wynonna Earp panel


Lost Girl panel

3. Big Mouth Live Table Read


It might be awhile before new seasons of our favorite shows hit the air. Some shows have decided to use this time to reunite their casts to do live table reads of some of their most iconic episodes (all while raising money for charity too). Netflix’s Big Mouth did a live table read a few weeks ago that featured some of the biggest members of their A List cast, like Maya Rudolph.

These table reads bring audiences closer to the characters they love. Especially for an animated series like Big Mouth, where you rarely know who the faces are behind each character. Watching Nick Kroll voice multiple characters was so much fun! Watch the full table read here.


4. Tyler J McCall – Prepared: Your Online Business and Corona Virus


Being a small business during COVID-19 can be a scary thing. But many online entrepreneurs have risen to the occasion and started helping other businesses navigate these uncertain times. Not too long into quarantine, online business coach, Tyler J McCall, announced he was doing a week long seminar on how to help your business survive COVID-19. He featured an array of online entrepreneurs to help guide businesses to make the most of this time.

There was so much value packed into these webinars, with so much effort that was put into making sure you walked away with a wealth of information to level up and make your business flourish during COVID-19. Reach out to Tyler to request the full videos!


5. Tea With Gary Vee


When this all started, we knew if anyone was going to rise to the occasion it was going to be Gary Vaynerchuk. He almost immediately turned his Ask Gary Vee segment into Tea With Gary Vee that he hosts every morning at 9am on all of his social channels. He invites fans to go live with them as he answers all of their questions about entrepreneurship and mindset.

The best part, ANYONE can join him. All you have to do is text him at 1-212-931-5731 and leave your number and question and you can be on the next episode of Tea With Gary Vee.



We hope that these examples have given you the inspiration you need to start utilizing live video for your business! It’s such an easy and low budget way to reach out and give value to your clients and audience.

Need some advice on how to get started? Contact us and we can help you get on your way to producing amazing live content with a free consultation!


Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones

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