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Highland Village

Prepared for Haidar Barbouti, Highland Village Holdings LLC

Beautiful, User-Friendly Website

Currently, Highland Village has almost no online presence. The website lacks modern design strategies and is not optimized for the average user on mobile or tablet devices. The experience online does not match the experience when you visit. We will design and manage a website that looks and feels like the high class shopping experience that HV offers. This would give the merchants of the property an additional marketing channel by developing custom profile pages for each merchant, which will also make the HV website and all of the merchant websites much easier to find while searching Google . Check out what we do for Grove Arcade and Foundy Street.

Consistent & Fast Growing Social Media

While the current HV website is antiquated, the social media is even farther from ‘on-brand.’ The profile is posting content to a void of almost zero engagements or even views, the content is dated and not appropriate for the channels its being posted to, and its doing nothing to add value and help promote the merchants of the property. Not only is the current social media marketing strategy not working to bring in new customers or spread brand awareness, it is potentially hurting the brand by putting the wrong message out about the property experience. We would revamp the social media pages with new and exciting content, custom Instagram Reels and Tik Toks, content that promotes the merchants of the property, and a massive increase in profile engagement. Currently the Instagram page has 1,993 followers – our goal would be to get the IG to 10,000 followers within 6-12 months.

Easy to Search & Find on Google

How do most people show up to Highland Village? They find a result for one of the merchants on Google. Currently, the search engine scores for the website are below average, considering one of Google’s primary criteria for good search engine rankings is having a modern website page layout and usability. We would prioritize Google’s search engine criteria by redesigning a beautiful and user-friendly website, creating profile pages for each of the merchants, optimizing keywords and meta-data on the site, and continuing outbound SEO strategies such as back-linking even after launching the new Highland Village website.

Coordination Between Tenants

Here is the thing that really sets us apart and why we are the perfect team to help bring Highland Village’s brand and online presence into modern day… our niche is working collaboratively with mixed-use retail property tenants. We will set up a communication channel between ourselves, property ownership and the tenants that gives us the ability to best promote them. We turn our marketing strategy into a tool for your tenants that adds value to their lease agreements. By being a tenant of Highland Village, they have access to an additional marketing team that can help improve their sales and promotions, share their brands on social media and help grow their following, and all around amplify their voices. 

Let's Talk

This is a brief summary of what we can do for Highland Village. Dolo Digital and Highland Village are perfect for each other, right now, at this time. We specialize in bringing outdated mixed-use retail brand’s into the future of branding. But we also just moved our business to Houston from Asheville, and it was obvious that Highland Village is the perfect fit for our talents to go to use in Houston. All we ask is to sit down and discuss it with us. We believe and know we can be a dramatic help for HV, and we think you will be able to see that too. And on an additional note, we know that you, Haidar, are passionate about displaced children and animals, and we would love nothing more than to help re-establish that as a mission of Highland Village.