Grove Arcade Brand


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Project Details

CLIENT: Grove Arcade
DATE: February 1, 2019
SERVICES: Branding, Illustration & Design 

Grove Arcade Brand Story

Grove Arcade is a historic architectural landmark in the center of downtown Asheville. Conceived by pioneering Asheville developer Edwin Wiley Grove and completed in 1929, two years after Grove’s death, it has come to represent the heart and character of the town. Its rich history and ornate architecture combined with its eclectic mix of shops and restaurants offer patrons a full-day immersion into Asheville’s lifestyle and culture. The building’s leasehold interest was purchased in July of 2018, and the new local owners and operators are humbled and honored for the opportunity to steward such a beautiful, historic property into the future while contributing to the well-being of Asheville residents and the downtown area.

Grove Arcade Mission Statement

To effectively operate a premier marketplace in downtown Asheville where locals and visitors engage with talented local craftspeople and services that reflect Asheville’s distinct characteristics and values and pay respect to the building’s rich history and original intent.


Grove Arcade Vision Statement

The Grove Arcade vision remains true to founder E.W. Grove’s vision in 1922: to be the epicenter of downtown Asheville, a hangout for locals, and the first stop for visitors.

The Grove Arcade Brand Identity

winged lion statues on each side of the grove arcade shield with "grove arcade" underneath
illustrations of the winged lion statues as logos for grove arcade
three different colored illustrations of the winged lion statues from grove arcade
tan, green, and gray illustrations of the winged lion statues from grove arcade
two illustrated circular logos with the lion statue head in the middle
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