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Digital Marketing

Curated digital strategy to reach your customers efficiently and with positive ROI.

Our curated digital marketing strategy takes an integrated approach, reaching your customers from a barrage of channels and messaging including PPC, SEM, Social Media Advertising, SEO, Audio Advertising, Geo-Fencing, and more.

We begin by gaining a deep understanding of your market, target audience and competition through discovery and research. We then apply this understanding to campaign creation, channel selection, and heavy A/B testing.

We insert all data discovered into a proprietary Dolo Digital model that will determine what digital marketing mix necessary to see the desired outcome.

We keep clients up to date on all analytic and ROI tracking regularly and always keep the number one goal of positive ROI.

Keyword Research

Intensive document with a long list of keywords, distilled in to high priority keywords used frequently on your website to compete for search terms and improve search engine rankings over time.


Another effective form of digital marketing that requires less budget, and more organic work and collaboration on the website and content to boost your organic search engine rankings over time.

Campaign Development

Full campaign planning based on a campaign goal, we select the target audience, the conversion form, the channel, the budget, and develop the ads and manage the campaign over time.

Market Research

We gain a full understanding of your market including your target audience, competitors, industry and market position to help plan campaigns.

Integrated Marketing

We reach your audience through multiple diverse channels at one time, dispersing the budget and hitting your customers from multiple angles for a similar conversion goal.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Advertising and post boosting to drive sales, web traffic and social media following and engagement growth.

Analytic Reporting

We set a list of metrics the client and client’s goals demand and report those metrics bi-weekly and watch the growth over time. We also send full analytic reports each month.

Budget Management

We’ll manage every detail of your digital marketing campaigns, including your budget and of course your return on investment.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Advertising and post boosting to drive sales, web traffic and social media following and engagement growth.

Digital Marketing Portfolio


Eddie Dewey

Dewey Property Advisors

We have been working with these guys for 7 months and they are creative, energetic, knowledgable and professional. We are excited about his relationship and where it's gonna take our real estate marketing efforts.

Alistair Parry


We have been working with the Dolo Digital team since January and have been impressed with their ability to understand and execute on the brief. While also layering in their energetic and creative mindset to the whole process in order to deliver great results.

Emily Glasgow Dresback

Dewey Property Advisors

Our team has worked with Dolo for almost a year now. They are efficient, responsive, creative and proactive. They place the highest level of integrity and energy behind all of their projects! I would highly recommend them!

George Waites

Core Design

Dolo Digital is fantastic! They listened to my ideas and created innovative results in a timely manner. With their creativity and knowledge it was easy for them to get it right the first time. Their attention to detail helped display our capabilities and products. They are awesome to work with!

J Smilanic

These guys really know what they're doing with branding and websites. Highly recommended!

Sandy Precoma

Artesana Ice Cream

Dolo Digital - Travis, Josh, Kelsey and Ryan are truly amazing. Always making sure that our needs are cover in time, We trust each one of them professionally and personally. They work very hard so we can have the best! We are very thankful to have such a wonderful, responsible, talented, kind and creative team. They understand what we want to give back to our community, and each piece of work is represented with excellence, professionalism and a digital touch of our history, product and family tradition. If you are looking for professionalism, creativity, freshness, and someone who gets your ideas! Call Dolo Digital.