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Adam has over a decade of professional writing and editing experience. He’s worked for HarperCollins and Oxford University Press in New York, and he’s contributed articles and essays to, the Baltimore Sun, Mental Floss, the Onion, Mountain Xpress, and many other print and online outlets. As a full-time freelancer he spends his days editing books, ghostwriting, and writing articles and copy. He’s currently editing and contributing to an essay collection on the cult film The Room, considered the worst movie of all time.

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Time and time again, Travis Scott has proven himself to be brilliant at marketing himself and his brand. After his latest partnership with McDonalds, it’s undeniable.


Not so long ago, new businesses, designers, and agencies had to pay large sums of money to get their hands on high quality design resources. Then came the internet.


Ever wondered how to get rid of that pesky flash frame at the end of your videos? Well, you’re in luck, because we just released a video showing you how to do just that!


We’re back with another episode, and this time we’re reviewing some of the cringiest vintage ads from the 50s and 60s. You won’t believe what some companies like Jello and Goodyear put out back in the day!
Advertising a mixed-use property can be extremely involved and tricky, considering all of the different facets of the operation and target markets you have.


On one ordinary Monday morning, Americans opened up their newspapers and stared in disbelief at an ad proclaiming that Taco Bell had purchased The Liberty Bell. Then all hell broke loose.


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