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Josh is the man behind the curtain–aka Dolo’s creative direction. While he often spends time on illustration and graphic design work, he mainly focuses on website development and design. With a background in traditional art, he brings an unconventional, design-forward approach to everything he creates for Dolo clients. He thrives on the challenge of tailoring each project he works on to each client’s individual needs, and he loves that no project—or challenge—is ever the same. In the very rare occurrence that he’s not in the office, catch him on the basketball court or researching the newest tech and design trends.

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Project management softwares help project managers and teams collaborate and meet goals on time while managing deliverables, meetings or appointments, communication, resources, and costs or budgets.


These notoriously expensive ad spots are spectacles in their own right, and many people tune in to the Big Game just to see what these major corporations will churn out during the commercial breaks.


With all of the digital tools available and multiple channels we consume digital information on daily it makes sense to approach your marketing in the same way. The great thing is that most of these tools integrate together and to create a more seamless process of applying your strategies and analytics.


If your website is not responsive then it most likely needs a complete redesign. Some take the route of designing a separate mobile website, however, the issue with this comes from a recent announcement from Google. Mobile-first indexing means that Google primarily indexes your mobile pages and your desktop pages secondary. And that means?


It wasn’t long ago that most B2B buyers still researched and bought from B2B companies via paper catalogs, fax machines, and landline phones. However, E-commerce has completely changed that. B2B buyers are turning to more interactive online tools to share and distribute their catalogs. This makes it easier for them to expand their relationships and work directly with more retailers and suppliers.


The fact is, most B2B marketing is dull, boring “nuts and bolts” communication. To stand out and get your prospect’s attention B2B marketers need to understand they are talking to human beings with emotions, and these humans respond to business marketing for the same emotional reasons they respond to consumer marketing.


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