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Chief Marketing Officer

About Ryan Laffler

Hailing from the other Carolina, Ryan is a guru of all things digital. And project management. And accounting. Basically, he’s a one-stop shop for planning and executing marketing campaigns, website builds, search engine optimization, research, and everything in between. Before he came to Dolo he worked as an account executive and was responsible for managing advertising accounts worth several million dollars. On nights and weekends, find him out scouting new music or spinning records under his stage name, Soul Candy.

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Time and time again, Travis Scott has proven himself to be brilliant at marketing himself and his brand. After his latest partnership with McDonalds, it’s undeniable.


When all is said and done, the economic landscape will likely look much different than it did pre-pandemic. Businesses that plan ahead and adapt have a chance to make it through it.


In 2006, Google made the strategic decision to purchase YouTube – a growing platform for content creators to upload and share video content. Since then, Google has leveraged their search prowess to grow YouTube into the 2nd largest search engine in the world, only behind Google.


Political email marketing campaigns are one of the most valuable, hidden gems that businesses can learn from. Seriously – if you are not subscribed to a campaign, do it now. Here’s why…


Gaining detailed insight into the mind of the consumer and being able to send targeted messages is extremely valuable and will continue to be an essential part of content marketing in 2020.


Experiential marketing is great because experiences permeate much deeper than traditional marketing tactics do. The impact that these events have on your audience create shareable moments and content that end up online and shared by your audience.


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