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Travis LeJune

Chief Executive Officer

About Travis LeJune

Though he was born and raised in Houston, Texas, Travis spent summers visiting family in Eastern Tennessee, and nearby Asheville and its surrounding mountains became his beloved playground. So when he was offered an opportunity to work at an ad agency in Asheville after receiving his marketing degree from LSU, he jumped at the opportunity. After meeting Josh and Ryan in the field and long hours of planning, he decided the time was right to form Dolo… and the rest, they say, is history. Travis’s vision of a marketing company focuses less on traditional advertising and more on entertaining, high-value content. He is inspired by music and arts and aspires to build the Dolo brand to an international scope.

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Advertising a mixed-use property can be extremely involved and tricky, considering all of the different facets of the operation and target markets you have.


Even if you did not think your product had a viable use in e-commerce before, now is a good time to reconsider that function.


The fast-growing popularity of podcasts makes it one of this year’s most popular trends, and marketers are catching on. With millennials leading the Podcast revolution, it has become a unique medium for storytelling and conveying information of many different topics to the masses.


There are layers behind the psychology and methodology of music in advertising. Not only are the tonality, notes, lyrics, tempo and pitches a huge factor of the influence the music has on consumers, but also the artists that represent the music and the credibility or association that artist gives you for that brand.


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