Public Relations

Public Relations has changed quite a bit from the traditional term. You may think of PR in a different way then we do, so we’ll explain what it means to us.

PR for us, as its always been, is your public image…

…but with digital, technically everything is your public image nowadays. The PR work we do is typically influencer campaigns, native advertising, sponsored content within publications, and more. Basically, wherever someone else is writing about you, we do what we can to influence writers to write positive things about your brand for their audience, which if we are doing our jobs right, will be very similar to your target audience.

Need to buff up your public image? PR is a complex and personal subject and we would be happy to hear out your needs and talk about how we can help with your public relations.

Our Process



A session to understand yourself, your business and your goals.


Audience Research

In-depth research to put together your target profile.


Publication/Influencer Selection

Selection of publication or influencer that has reach to your target audience.


Specs & Press Kit

Write-up of your official press-kit for publications/influencers.



Meetings with publications or influencers to get your message in front of their audience.



Ensuring the delivery of your message through the selected publications or influencers.

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