Third Eye Wood Website Design

Client: Third Eye Wood
Date: May 17, 2019
Services: Product Photography

About The Project:


The Third Eye Wood Website was designed and developed to improve the overall shopping experience and increase e-commerce sales. With that in-mind, we took a deep dive into the brand and story to develop a website build with flawless UX/UI e-commerce functionality. 

We also built this website with SEO as a major strategy for new business. We revamped the Third Eye Wood blog and contributed multiple articles to set the foundation of an educational and informative blogging platform that would help customers both new and existing understand more about Third Eye Wood, Palo Santo, and the products they are purchasing.

Furthermore, we integrated Third Eye Wood’s ecommerce solution with applications like e-mail marketing and social media to help create a bridge for their content to be displayed in uniformity across multiple different applications and platforms.

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