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Major Facebook Outage Reveals the True Power of Digital Media

The cause of the outage is unknown, however, these platforms are happily working and functioning again.

Facebook Outage

On Monday, October 4th, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp experienced a major outage globally. Users of these platforms started receiving error messages before noon, soon discovering that their Instagram story couldn’t be posted, or that they couldn’t get in touch with their overseas friends on Whatsapp.

The cause of the outage is unknown, but some of Facebook’s security team members said that a cyber attack is an unlikely culprit. Some said it was the Facebook servers, which were preventing users from engaging with the social media platforms as usual.

Whatever the case was, these platforms are happily working and functioning again; however, it leaves an interesting concept for us to ponder; the massive effect that social and digital media has on our society, culture and businesses.

After Facebook and Instagram users realized their social media wasn’t working, they flocked to Twitter, using hashtags like #facebookdown. Social media has changed the way we exist as a national and international community; digitized messages can be sent to just about anyone, Facebook and Instagram advertising can precisely target the perfect prospective customers, and communities of people share similar thoughts, opinions and news via social media.

This outage has shown us the imperative nature of a fast-functioning website and cohesive social media platform, as well as the importance of a team of educated and expert staff ready to hop on and solve the problem.

Here at Dolo Digital, we are digital marketing experts. We promise to deliver technological and creative expertise to help create the connection between your business and audience by utilizing the amazing and powerful technological platforms that we have access to at our fingertips.


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